Process technology

During a five-day fact finding mission in April 2018, eight German process technology suppliers explored the current demand for process technology in the chemical and petrochemical industries in Mexico City and in the Tapico petrochemical cluster in the south of the state of Tamaulipas. Tampico has a high density of chemical and petrochemical companies due to its geostrategic location (close to Texas) and offshore oil deposits.
Large orders in September are boosting incoming process engineering orders. This upward trend is not yet reflected in sales.
Werkstoffdatenblätter und Lieferspezifikation stehen aktualisiert und zum kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung. Sie ermöglichen die gezieltere Beschreibung von Elastomerdichtungen, die in den Bereichen Lebensmittel, Aseptik, Chemie und Pharmazie zum Einsatz kommen.
Following its alignment to the New Legislative Framework (NLF), the new Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) comes into force on 19 July 2016 and thereby replaces the “old” PED 97/23/EC. Although this transition from the old to the new PED entails only very few practical changes, manufacturers need to be aware of some significant – mainly formal - modifications.

Water and wastewater technology

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is launching a new funding programme entitled "Innovative Wastewater Technology" as part of its Environmental Innovation Programme (UIP).
Export market China booming with 54 percent growth
German manufacturers of components and systems for water treatment, wastewater and sludge treatment were able to stabilise their exports at a high level in 2017. Compared to the previous year, exports rose slightly (plus 0.4 percent) to around 993 million euros (2017) compared to around 990 million euros (2016).
The July issue of the VDMA Nachrichten published the article "Beverage industry - Water technology with cleanliness" in its column Focus Technology. This article dealt in depth with the foodstuff water.
We only need water for drinking, cooking and washing, right? Not even close! Water is in everything around us – from paper to clothes, computers and cars. Do you know how much water runs through your hands every day without you knowing it?
The member companies of the VDMA Water and Wastewater Technology Group of the VDMA Process Plant and Equipment Association and also those of the VDMA Electric Automation Association (involving other companies) drew up the VDMA Specification 24658: 2015-07 "Water treatment and waste water treatment: Process automation to increase operational efficiency and reliability - Advice for planning, engineering and execution phases". The new VDMA Specification is currently at DIN for examination.

Recooling technology

Zur CHILLVENTA 2018, der Messe rund um Energieeffizienz, Wärmepumpen und Kältetechnik, informierten die Fachabteilung Rückkühltechnik und die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Instandhaltung Gebäudetechnik des VDMA im Rahmen eines Fachforums zur Umsetzung der 42. BImSchV.
The VDMA Process Plant and Equipment Association has been a member of EUROVENT for many years. EUROVENT is Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies.
The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety has introduced the draft of a directive on evaporative cooling systems and wet scrubbers (VerdunstKühlV) in January 2016.
The process plant and equipment association has published a new edition of the Product Directory Process Plant and Equipment, in which the member companies inform about their products.


At the 3rd VDMA Future Business Summit, more than 80 participants discussed the top topic Power-to-X as a building block for global climate protection and the associated opportunities for mechanical engineering. Lectures and pictures for download    :: For members
Ambitious climate protection and greenhouse gas neutrality require great efforts in all sectors. Power-to-X, the conversion of electricity into other forms of energy, can make a significant contribution - our third scenario study in the series "Images of the future for machinery and equipment engineering" for download     :: For members
On March 12, 2018 a delegation of 23 senior IOCL managers met with VDMA members to discuss the future role of alternative fuels such Hydrogen, LNG and energy efficiency. VDMA gave an introduction on the German Energy Transition and the consequences for the maritime and petrochemical sectors. Germany’s industry is faced with various challenges connected with the decarbonization. An efficient energy transition in Germany and Europe will only work if the power, transport and heat markets will be coupled via power-to-X technologies. VDMA members offer power-to-X solutions already today.
In order to achieve the ambitious, long-term energy and climate targets, the energy transition must not be reduced to a "turnaround" in the power sector only. In fact all energy sectors – power, mobility and heat – have to be coupled in an efficient way. The VDMA formulates requirements for a successful energy sector coupling in it’s VDMA Position Paper. Power-to-X process plays a key role.
Electric power as the foundation for other forms of energy provides solutions for a wide range of applications - Mechanical engineering is a key industry for climate protection - Third VDMA Future Business Summit presents scenarios and potential opportunities for the mechanical and plant engineering industry
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