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UK - Guide Brexit 2021

16.09.2020 At the end of 2020, the United Kingdom will leave the EU. This has implications for the placing of products on the UK market, which are regulated by European regulations.

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42.BImSchV came into force

23.08.2017 On 19.07.2017, the 42nd Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (Ordinance on Evaporative Cooling Systems, Cooling Towers and Wet Separators - 42.BImSchV) was published in the Federal Law Gazette. The ordinance came into force on 19.08.2017.

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Hazard analysis and risk assessment under the Pressure Equipment Directive - What is the current status?

28.12.2016 On July 19, 2016, the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC was bindingly replaced by the "new" Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, adapted to the new European legal framework. The interpretation of the newly introduced terms "risk assessment" and "risk analysis" has repeatedly given rise to discussions in practice.

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