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Technical Session Sterile Process Engineering on 26 November

14.01.2019 The Technical Session on Sterile Process Engineering will take place on 26 November.

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Petrochemical Cluster Tampico / Mexico - VDMA members confirm potential after fact finding mission in April 2018

16.11.2018 During a five-day fact finding mission in April 2018, eight German process technology suppliers explored the current demand for process technology in the chemical and petrochemical industries in Mexico City and in the Tapico petrochemical cluster in the south of the state of Tamaulipas. Tampico has a high density of chemical and petrochemical companies due to its geostrategic location (close to Texas) and offshore oil deposits.

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VDMA-Information sheet Riboflavin test

04.09.2017 The Riboflavin test is used for testing cleanability ( wettability) of open equipment. The VDMA information sheet was published by VDMA Process Plant and Equipment Industry Association in 2007 and is available in German and English.

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Werkstoffdatenblätter zu Elastomer-Dichtungswerkstoffen

11.12.2012 Werkstoffdatenblätter und Lieferspezifikation stehen aktualisiert und zum kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung. Sie ermöglichen die gezieltere Beschreibung von Elastomerdichtungen, die in den Bereichen Lebensmittel, Aseptik, Chemie und Pharmazie zum Einsatz kommen.

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